Bulk SMS - Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)


  • What are the advantages of your SMS service?

    Single and Bulk Messaging, Grouping Functionality, Customized Messages to Group of people, Multi Language, Schedule time of Delivery, Low Price, Easy to use Web portal / web Control panel, Fast Delivery.

  • Is there a limit to how many numbers I can send at one time?

    You should try and limit the number of destination addresses to approximately 10000.

  • How can I make a payment for SMS credit?

    We are providing flexible ways for payments, you can make a payment by using a ATM, Debit, Credit card, or through DD/Chq, by cash and through Fund transfer to our account.

    Card Swiping facility available only at our office (Vijayawada).

    Details for Bank Fund Transfer or Cash Deposit.

    Account Name
    Account No.
    Account Type
    Bank Name
    Branch Name

    IFSC Code



    9150 2003 9330 751
    Current Account
    Axis Bank
    D.No. 22-23-4, Hanuman Street,
    Satyanarayanapuram, Vijayawada - 520011.

  • How long does it take before credits bought are added to my account?

    If you made the payment through credit card, fund transfer and by cash the credits bought immediately gets added to your account less than 24hours due to setting up your account. If you have selected your mode of payment as Demand Draft / CQ the credits will get added to your account once we have received payment for the same.

    Existing customers: For refill your account with SMS Credits takes less than 2 Hrs after conforming payment.

  • I forgot my password. How do I retrieve it?

    You can retrieve your password by visiting our website’s Forget Password option It’s available in Login page.

  • How do I manage my contacts/phonebook?

    You can manage your contacts by adding contacts one by one or by uploading your contacts File (.csv, .txt).

  • What is Multi-Language? In How many Languages i can send SMS?

    With Multi-Language Messages you can send SMS in particular Language or combination of Languages.
    You Can Send SMS in 9 Regional Languages like English, Telugu, Hindi, Tamil, Kannada, Malayalam, Bengali, Gujarathi & Punjabi.

  • How I find my sender id?

    You can see your sender id by login to our website, in Sender ID tab.

  • Why our messages are not delivering?

    Might be your number in NDNC registry, or in unreachable condition.

  • How we increase message length?

    NO Special process is required for increasing message length. as you type your message your Length of the message shown below the compose box and respective credits will be deducted for sending long messages.

  • What is sender id?

    A Sender ID identifies the sender of the message on the recipient's mobile phone. If you prefer a unique Sender ID, Your unique Sender ID must be 6 alphabetic, Case Sensitive (Ex: TeKnow, SMSPRO). Requests for unique Sender IDs are approved only after an authentication process.

  • How do we add new sender id?

    For adding new sender id you need to drop one email to us along with your user name we will add your required sender id within 2 hrs time.

  • Maximum character length of sender id

    As per TRAI regulation maximum sender id length is 6 characters (Only Alphabets, Case Sensitive).

  • What is API.?

    API means Application Programming Interface. Our SMS Gateway API can be integrated for Automated SMS Alerts in websites, Application Software, ERP, CRM, etc.

  • How do I view my sent messages?

    Log in to your web portal. Click on "SENT History"
    Note: Sent Items will display only last 30 days records.

  • What all location can deliver the SMS?

    We deliver the Messages to most of the service provider across the nation INDIA.

  • What is DND?

    Mobile numbers which is registered with NDNC registry called DND numbers.


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