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Dear Sir/Madam/Channel Partner's,

As you know, WAY2SMSPRO.in  and YOU have been in a successful partnership, over the years, to enhance your end user customer satisfaction, retention and acquisition experiences, using our enterprise mobility solutions. We would like to thank you for this, and will ensure that we continue to provide you with excellent quality of service and innovative messaging solutions to meet your business needs.

I'm writing this email to inform you about the operator price increase, as all the operators have already sent notices to increase SMS pricing from May 15th 2018. As you may know, there has been operator consolidation with several smaller operators exiting the Indian telecom industry, and others merging, such as Vodafone and Idea, given that the industry economics and market dynamics have been less favourable for Telcos in India, compared to other international markets. With this industry consolidation, 3 key players (Airtel, Vodafone and Reliance Jio) are driving market pricing, capacity volumes and QoS benchmarks for all Indian telco mobility solutions.

Though several telecom operators had started increasing their prices over the last 9 months, we absorbed those increases, but the price increase notification we received last week, is a steep change in A2P messaging cost. Given this, we have no option but to increase our pricing. So the pricing from May 15th 2018 will be 16 paisa to 21 paisa per message (SMS) depending on your slab volume, successfully submitted to the operator. GST will be charged additionally as applicable.

The revised price will be applicable as per below slab on Submission basis from 15th of May 2018. (Applicable Taxes Extra).

  • 1lac to 10lac :  ₹ 0.16 /SMS
  • 10lac to 25lac : ₹ 0.15 /SMS
  • 25lac to 50lac : ₹ 0.145 /SMS 
  • 50Lac to 1Cr : ₹ 0.13 /SMS
  • 1Cr >: ₹ 0.125 /SMS

Applicable on Transaction SMSPromotional SMS & OTP SMS. (here is no change in price for govt SMS.)

If you are not using your available SMS credits before the rate change, then your balance may decreased as per the calculation of revised price or you have to pay us excess amount for the remaining balance.

For further updates we will keep you posted.

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